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Have you ever been in Bali and thought that you would like to take back handicrafts that you see in your travels.

But it is just so hard to find reputable people who will work in with you at reasonable cost, and the red tape and scary stories about dealing with unscrupulous people, puts you off?

Have you ever seen great goods in shops and villages in Bali and thought that you could work in a lifestyle and set up a business back home selling similar items?

But it was just too hard to get everything together?

When you hear about, and see all the documentation, official approvals, quarantine and customs requirements, the myriad charges, taxes, duties, and freight costs, it is just too hard.

Well, we can solve all those problems and can, depending on your level of participation, handle your shipments from the start to delivery at your door back home, in any state of Australia.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, and exporting goods from Indonesia, is fraught with all kinds of impossible to deliver promises, fraudsters, and con men, which, together with red tape and government regulations, make it a nightmare for the ordinary person who simply wants to import things that they like.

We offer many specialist services:

  • We can handle all your freight needs, by air or sea,  from a single wooden crate or cardboard box, through to 40 foot 'high lift' containers, delivered to your door, at reasonable costs that you will know upfront.
  • We offer a buying service, either with you, or on your behalf, that we have built up over 20 years in many cases with the villages that make the goods, at best possible prices.
  • We can arrange all documentation, from original invoicing, freight, Indonesian Government approvals, to AQIS and Australian Customs requirements.
  • We can negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, arrange delivery of goods to our warehouse in Bali, check against invoice, arrange for packing, fumigation if necessary, and actual shipment of the goods in any manner you wish.
  • We have an in-house Business Development Consultant, who is well versed in setting up small businesses retailing Balinese handicrafts in all states of Australia, from setting up your own business, to buying them from reputable suppliers, to all freight and fumigation requirements, to complete documentation for entry into Australia, and physical help if necessary, to set up retail premises.

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