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Bali Beach Online Freight Service

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Balibeach.com.au is primarily an online freight service, with real people available to discuss your freight queries 24/7. Our consultants have many years’ experience, importing into Australia, and retail and wholesale in the Western Australian market place.

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Bali Beach Online Freight Service

Based primarily in Western Australia, they have run shops and sales in almost every shopping centre in the State, and are well qualified to offer advice on all aspects of importing handicrafts and either troubleshooting existing businesses or setting up new ventures.

While this site is primarily a business site to handle freight between Bali, Indonesia, and Australia, Bruce and Barbara Cresswell started out  as long time visitors to the island, in  the late 70's, originally as surfers, and in later years, still following some of the best warm weather waves in the world, and making a living from its wonderful  handicrafts, it is also a site where people like us, who have a love for the island and its people, will get to use the site in other fun ways.

We also offer a forum where you can post your comments, good and bad, about your experiences, with little censorship, as long as any comments are offered in good spirit and are positive. This forum, will be available for comments on restaurants, hotels and also for general comments that may be of interest to others, or to simply, seek, or offer, advice. We have an Administrator who will control the forum in a lighthearted, constructive manner. Please use it in good spirit.

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