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Freight Information

Approximate duties payable on goods imported into Australia: (these rates are a guide only).

Head gear:  nil.                             
Lamps:   5%                             
Pottery:  4%                             
Jewelry: 5%   
Musical: nil.
Bamboo: 4%                             
Furniture: 5%                             
Ceramic: 4%
Shoes: 10%
Steel: 5%
Stone:  5%
Glass:   nil.
Shells:  5%
Garments:  Up to 37.32%

All goods imported into Australia require Customs and AQIS  (if applicable) approval, and all documentation has to be done prior to importing and necessary fees and duties paid, before the goods can be collected. has its own freight company based in Bali, which is linked to our Customs Broker in Perth, saving time, money and red tape for all shipments.

You can feel comfortable knowing that you are not just a number, and your freight is being handled by people who know what they are doing, and who will work with, and for, you.

Our Customs broker handles freight documentation into all major ports in Australia, as well as any required clearances, inspections, local fumigation, and internal freight.

You may use any of our services, or part thereof, if you can save money doing any of the required import requirements yourself.

Freight Services offered:

  • Our Bali team can go with you, (if required), in our vehicle, to buy goods anywhere in Bali, although we specialise and have valuable contacts for most goods in Ubud, and other handicraft areas of Bali. (We offer a pick up at airport and drop off at the end of your  trip if required, or pick up at your hotel)
  • We will forward your goods, purchased by you, either delivered to our warehouse in Kuta, or we will pick up, and pack, and arrange transport to your destination in Australia.
  • We have a professional packing team who are experienced in getting the best value for the client with attention to weight/ volume ratios so you don’t get overcharged.


Documentation and Government Regulations:

  • We will organise all documentation, both in Indonesia and Australia, to get through the red tape and get your freight back as easily as possible.
  • Our experienced staff can invoice all your purchases, and prepare packing slips, in English, and in a format to meet all laws and regulations in both countries. This involves obtaining all Indonesian Government approvals for export, and all importing approvals into Australia.
  • We can arrange fumigation of all shipments to AQIS regulations using licensed operators.
  • We have access to all types of packing materials, in our warehouse, from new cardboard boxes, to building wooden crates, to wood frames to suspend fragile items. We use best quality plastic bubble wrap and clean shredded paper and cardboard to make sure AQIS standards are met.
  • We have our own Customs Broker, based in Perth, who can handle all shipments into any port or airport in Australia.
  • He will liaise with our cargo company in Bali to streamline all approvals and documentation.
  • He pays all fees upon entry into Australia, prepares all import documents, pays duties on the client's behalf, and arranges all inspections, if necessary, from AQIS and Australian Customs.
  • He can then arrange delivery to your premisis anywhere in Australia, at a quoted price.

Please note that we are not a bank.

We will give the client estimated quotes for all services offered, which need to be paid up front before any shipment leaves Bali. At final costing, any difference between the actual cost and the quote will form part of the final statement.

Actual examples of freight ex Denpasar into Perth:

"I have 1500 sarongs that I need to get back to Perth asap. Can you please advise cost?" have several options....

We assume that you will deliver the sarongs to our warehouse in Kuta, near the Galleria Supermarket, and that we will do everything from there.

1500 sarongs should fit into 8 cardboard boxes.

We will supply the boxes, pack and prepare all documentation, including, invoicing, packing slips, export requirements in Denpasar, and all import requirements in Perth.

As there is no wooden items in the shipment, fumigation and AQIS conditions will not be required.

We will negotiate with various airlines to get the best cargo costs.

1 cubic metre equals to 8 carton boxes.

A standard heavy carton box allowance is 17 kgs.

This shipment should be around 160kgs, as garments are generally heavier than wooden and other items.

8 cartons at 17kgs allowance is a total of 136 kgs. In this case, as the actual weight is more, the higher weight is charged for.

General charges for air freight, using only those applicable for this estimate:

Document  US$.   50.00/shp                        
Custom clearance   US$.   15.00/shp                       
AWB US$.    3.00/shp 
Air freight (2.40/Kg) US$.  384.00
Handling, transport, pick up ( 0.50/kg)  US$. 80.00 (minimum)
Regulated Agent   (0.075/kg)   US$.  10.00 (minimum)                         
Packing (5.00/carton)   US$.  40.00                             
By wood packing  US$.65.00/CBM
KSDA  (any shell product)  US$.  30.00/shp
Fumigation, ISPM if need   US$.  125.00 (1-5CBM) in
exces plus  US$.15/cbm  

Vat 1%


So, by example if only garments, 8 carton box approx 160 kgs cost is  a total US$ 547.42. (approx. AU $ 660) charges a flat 20% of the freight cost:
So add $132.

Thus this total shipment at the Bali end is AU$ 792.

At the Australian end:

By Air:

Terminal Fee                   AUD 120 + 0.70/kg                    
Customs Clearance          AUD 250                 
AQIS Clearance               AUD 50
AQIS fee                         AUD 140
Delivery         AUD 200  min or AUD 65 per m3
Customs Entry Processing fee  AUD 73  plus Duty and Taxes.                       

For this shipment, as no wood is involved so no AQIS requirements, the total is AU$ 555, if the shipment is picked up at the Qantas delivery depot or our agent.

On top of that duty is payable, approximately 5% on the invoiced goods:  If the sarongs cost AU$2 each in Bali, the duty will be AU$ 150, making a total of AU$ 1497, plus any unforeseen costs. We would bill you for AU$ 1600, payable upfront.

Any reimbursements would be made with final documentation.

Let us look at this shipment:

It cost $3000 for 1500 sarongs.

With costs landed of $1600, the total shipment by air, overnight, including all costs is $4600.  ie, each sarong has cost $3.06.

Sarongs wholesale at around AU$9, and retail for around AU$20.

Not a bad profit!

If this shipment came in by sea, the cost would be around a third less, as it would have to wait for an available space free container, however it would take between 6 and 8 weeks to arrive, and may include AQIS costs if it is included with wooden items in a container.

The same shipment Ex Bali by sea:

Example: cost 1CBm garment handicraft, shell shipment by sea :

Document + courier US$.  85.00                    
Sea freight Dps , Sub, Sin,
Fremantle ( 70/cbm)     
US$.   70.00                      
Handling,Transport, pick up
US$ 40.00/cbm         
US$.  40.00
BL US$.  20.00
Packing US$.  65.00/cbm
(1-5cbm) exces plus US$ 15.00/cbm
KSDA  US$.   30.00                         

Vat 1%


Total cost by sea freight 1cbm AU$450, if the shipment was only sarongs. No fumigation costs included.

Then we have Australian landing costs:

By Air:

Terminal Fee                   AUD 120 + 0.70/kg                    
Customs Clearance          AUD 250                 
AQIS Clearance               AUD 50
AQIS fee                         AUD 140
Delivery         AUD 200  min or AUD 65 per m3
Customs Entry Processing fee  AUD 73  plus Duty and Taxes.                       

AU$555 plus duty of $150, if picked up at our depot in Perth, plus an incidentals cost of AU$100

The total then, of AU$1255 compares against the air cost of AU$1600

Air freight rate/ kgs DPS to Per is by Garuda is below :

Heavy + 45kg       +100kg       +300kg         + 500kg        +1000               
US$ rate/kg     2.40     2.15           1.95               1.60             1.30 charges a flat 20% of total Bali costs as per invoice, for handling, and processing costs.

Sea freight is measured by volume, rather than weight.

If freight is fragile and requires more complex packing we can send in wood crates, which require a quote at the time as wood is very scarce and prices vary often.

As can be seen from above, clearly the larger the shipment, the cheaper it becomes either by land or sea.  Also, the more items that can be contained in any shipment, within the weight/ volume ratio, the cheaper per item it becomes.

We always recommend that small shipments be only in emergency or one of situations.
Our staff are very experienced in all facets of freight into Australia, and use their expertise to keep you costs as low as possible. Our consultant’s fees are included in our costs, and are available on call to do that.

By far the cheapest way to import from Bali into Australia is by container.

TEU Capacities for common container sizes

Lenght Height Width Volume TEU
20 ft ( 6.1 m ) 8 ft ( 2.44m ) 8ft 6in ( 2.59m) 1,360 cu ft ( 38.5mc ) 1
40 ft ( 12.2 m ) 8 ft ( 2.44m ) 8ft 6in ( 2.59m) 2,720 cu ft ( 77mc ) 2
45 ft ( 13.7 m ) 8 ft ( 2.44m ) 8ft 6in ( 2.59m) 3,060 cu ft ( 86.6mc ) 2 or 2.25
48 ft ( 14.6 m ) 8 ft ( 2.44m ) 8ft 6in ( 2.59m) 3,264 cu ft ( 92.4mc ) 2.4
53 ft ( 16.2 m ) 8 ft ( 2.44m ) 8ft 6in ( 2.59m) 3,604 cu ft ( 102.1mc ) 2.65
High Cube
20 ft ( 6.1 m ) 8 ft ( 2.44m ) 9ft 6in ( 2.90m) 1,520 cu ft ( 43mc ) 1
Half Height
20 ft ( 6.1 m ) 8 ft ( 2.44m ) 4ft 3in ( 1.30m) 680 cu ft ( 19.3mc ) 1

An average 20 foot container ex Bali:

Average cost of goods to purchase:  

Freight charge                       

US$. 300


Handling charge                    

US$3152   or  AU$3800 approx. fee      
AU$ 2500

At the Australian end:

Freight, port charges,
ass costs, duty and GST


AQIS fees,
Agency costs: 

AU$ 400

(Cartage to your premises extra) 

Total   AU$4100 buy goods, import a 20 foot container into Perth ex Denpasar, the total is approximately AU$18,400.

Generally, the wholesale value of a similar container is around AU$70,000. Please see our business consultancy page.

A 40 foot container cost is generally pro rata of the cost of a standard 20 foot container.
This amount includes services from BaliBeach.

Our services can also include:

  • We pick you up at the airport upon flying in, and return you when you go home.
  • We will pick you up at your hotel, at a pre-arranged time and date and you have our staff of 2 people for 1.5 days at your disposal, to visit villages in Ubud, or other places, go to Denpasar markets, or simply look around for bargains. Our staff speak English and is well known among many of the villages and local businesses, and have vast experience in negotiating prices for goods that are fair and reasonable to both parties.
  • We negotiate with you, and on your behalf, with local businesses, most of whom we deal with on a regular basis, do all the in village invoicing, arrange completion dates, and when to pick the goods up, and deliver to our warehouse in Kuta on time to meet the container deadline.
  • We also meet with villagers before you arrive to get samples for you if required of new products, and make sure the village heads are there when you arrive.
  • We will be in constant contact with villages and suppliers to make sure the best quality goods are provided.
  • We pack all our goods, and make sure that there is little empty space in a container....often clients have an arrangement whereby our staff can run out quickly and buy goods to completely fill a container, while packing. We do not like to send back empty space!
  • We individually pack each item and record where and what it is on both a packing slip and the original invoice.
  • We order, well in advance, all containers so they arrive on time. There is only a short time frame where the container is available to be packed....our staff make sure that all goods are ready to be packed within that window.
  • We employ a master packer whose job it is to make sure that there are no empty spaces in a container.
  • All fragile items are packed with care and slung if necessary in appropriate frames.
  • We will not 'dummy' invoices.

Also included are whatever contacts by email or telephone with our staff that are necessary to organise every aspect of your shipment.

Extra time required by you to complete a shipment will be at your cost, generally AU$ 300 a day.
Our staff will exchange money for you at commercial rates, usually a little better than on the streets, and are there for whatever you need within time constraints.

Containers are generally a volume situation....a 40 foot container is usually a little less than 2 by 20 foot containers, and a 40 foot 'high lift' is around 16% more than a standard 40 foot container.
Of course these are guidelines only as every container and indeed, every shipment of any size is different and requires individual estimates.

For further information please email or complete the Online Enquiry Form

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