Bali Beach Business Consultancy

Bali Beach Business Consultancy

As leaders in the retail and wholesale of Indonesian artefacts over 20 years, has vast experience in setting up exciting new business ventures from start to finish.

Our business in Western Australia has involved setting up from scratch.

Way back, we set up a single store in Mandurah, where we operated for some 5 years, branching out to leasing a large shop in Regional, Rockingham City Shopping Centre for 7 years.

With this retail history behind us, we decided some 10 years ago, to expand into the wholesale of our products.

From that time, we have had over 110 sales in either malls or vacant shops in malls. We tend to negotiate with management for vacant space, at very competitive rentals, often on the basis that they are better off getting something than having their retail space empty.

At our sales we would deliver containers direct to the shopping centres and unpack onsite.

We had warehouse facilities in Welshpool, Western Australia for 5 years, approved by AQIS as a bonded store, with our local staff approved and certified by AQIS to handle all types of freight.

What we offer:
(All or part thereof)

New businesses:

We will advise on what type of business venture you can set up.Our vast experience assures you that we have the knowledge and ability to start from nothing and build up over time to a very rewarding business, as indeed, we have done.

We are experienced in how to set up a shop or display to get the most out of the space you have. We have set templates for different size displays.

We can advise on negotiating great rental prices with managements. What are the best malls, and what are the best places to be in shopping centres.

We can help set up displays in any state, and advise on how to display artefacts to get the best sales.
We are a hands on consultancy. We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get a job done.

Our policy is that ‘Advice without example is useless’.

Please feel free to contact us for ideas on setting up your own business in any state, and cost of same.

Please note:

All estimates herein are for freight back to Perth. Generally, freight into other capital cities is not markedly different, but individual assessment is required.

For further information please email or complete the Online Enquiry Form

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