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About Us, our philosophy, and what we stand for:


BaliBeach.com.au is an online freight management company based in Bali, and operated by Australian and Balinese partners.

Over the years we have met a lot of Australians, and other wonderful people based in Bali who have provided us with great service, accommodation, food, and experiences.
In our way we wish to recognise these people in these pages, and while we have no vested interest with any of the people we willingly give a plug to, we can genuinely vouch for any business we offer to you, our guests.
We ask you to support businesses who go out of their way to make your holiday just that little bit better.

Tommy’s Café, Jl. Warkudara (Rumjungle Road)

Run by Tommy and Decima, real Aussie food and snacks till 5pm every day except Sunday.

Tommy's Tailor Shop, Jl. Padma. Always good value leather goods.

And don't forget to visit our friends at Gloria Jeans Coffee Shop in Jl. Legian, next to the BNI Bank, 100 metres south of Jl Melasti.
Can recommend the food!

Great friendly staff at Gloria Jeans.

Support Richard, Gede, and the guys at Moo Moos.

Good meals. cold beers, and friendly and attentive staff. Good place to watch the AFL, NRL and cricket.

Moo Moos

Moo Moos

And try Richard's new venture, just down Melasti Street, Holy Guacamole Mexican Bar and Grill.

Just opened and they also do coffee!!!!!

Moo Moos

Richard's 'effort' at a map!

Moo Moos  

We find the Mandira to be one of the best resorts on the beachfront. Please see our Hotel Guide for comments and rating.

Bruce and Barbara Cresswell have been regular visitors to Bali since 1979, and for the last 20 years, have run Bali Beach Imports (balibeachimports.com.au), arguably one of the most successful importers of Balinese artefacts, handicrafts, and clothing into Australia.

Bali Beach imports is based in Western Australia, and is the leader of sales direct, wholesale to the public from almost every shopping centre in Perth over 20 years.
A main aim of Bali Beach Imports was, and still is, to support many villages in Bali (some for 20 years), by buying and promoting their handicrafts,  and designing new products to introduce to the Australian market, while offering the lowest prices by far, to Australian customers.

Bali Beach Imports was sold in late in 2014, to Tracy and Sandra, who have the same philosophy, and a genuine desire to support reliable, hardworking Balinese villages, and who continue to wholesale to the public in Western Australia, in progressive shopping centres.

Bruce and Barb have entered into a partnership with Lisanti and Brian, after a working relationship over the same 20 years, and using the combined intellectual property and vast experience, Balibeach.com.au has been formed to offer various freight options to tourists and small businesses who want hassle free delivery of goods into all states of  Australia.



Partner and Senior Freight and Sales Consultant. (Australia)
Partner and Senior Retail and Sales Consultant. (Australia)
Partner and Chief Operations Controller. (Bali)
Partner and Freight Services Controller. (Bali)

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